Follow-Me Feature (audio beeps)
About Follow-
This feature lets users enter up to three phone numbers (system-wide) that the system will call in the
event of an alarm in any partition at the protected premises, thus alerting the user to the alarm. The
follow-me feature works as follows:
When an alarm occurs, the system reports the alarm to the central station (and pre-determined pagers, if
programmed), then dials the first follow-me phone number.
After dialing, the system waits a short time (about one ring plus any programmed pauses; see “To enter a
follow-me number” below for programming pauses) then begins sending message tones (regardless of
whether the call is answered).
When answered, the user will hear the message tones (a series of eight tones or “beeps”) followed by a
pause of about four seconds, then the tones are repeated. The cycle of tones and pauses continues for
about one minute.
The user should press the [
] key on the telephone to acknowledge hearing the tones, then wait for
the control to disconnect the line before hanging up. IMPORTANT: Press the [] during a pause between
tone cycles. Otherwise, the control may not “hear” the [] key if pressed while the tones are being sent.
If the user does not press the [] key, the control hangs up when the 1-minute tone cycle is complete, then
dials the second follow-me phone number. The control sends the tones as described above.
If the second number is not acknowledged by the user pressing the [] key, the control dials the third
number. If the [] key is not pressed during the third call, the control redials the first number and the
cycle repeats up to three times or until a user presses the [] key on the telephone.
If the follow-me number is for a pager, the message displayed on the pager is as follows: 104 P ZZZ
where “P” is the partition number, “ZZZ” is the 3-digit zone number of the zone in alarm.
To enter a
phone number
User code + [#] + [6] [1]
The first follow-me phone number (if one exists) is displayed:
FM Phone No.
To display follow-me phone number 2, press [2]. To display follow-me phone number 3, press [3].
To modify the displayed number, do the following:
1. Press [], which clears the number.
2. Enter the desired phone number.
To include a 2-second pause in the number, press [#] at the point in the entry the pause is desired (it
displays as “–“). Pauses entered at the end of the number will allow dialing but will delay the
message tones by the amount of pause programmed.
3. Press [] to save the new number.
The next follow-me phone number in sequential order (1-2-3-1 etc.) is displayed. Press [] to program
that number, or press [1], [2], or [3] to select the desired follow-me number to be programmed.
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