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Using the
1 OFF Key
The OFF key is used to disarm the system and to silence alarm and trouble sounds. See
section for information which will help you to
distinguish between FIRE and BURGLARY alarm sounds.
IMPORTANT: If you return and the main burglary sounder is on, DO NOT enter the
premises, but call the police from a nearby safe location. If you return after an alarm has
occurred and the main sounder has shut itself off, the keypad will beep rapidly upon entering,
indicating that an alarm has occurred during your absence. LEAVE IMMEDIATELY and
CONTACT THE POLICE from a nearby safe location.
To disarm the system and silence burglary or fire alarms:
Enter your security code and press 1 .
**** DISARMED ****
The Ready message will be displayed (if no alarms have
occurred while armed) and the keypad will beep once to
confirm that the system is disarmed.
Memory of Alarm The keypad displays the zone number and type of alarm for any zone that has an alarm
condition. These messages will remain displayed until cleared by a user. If an alarm has
occurred, note the zone number displayed on the keypad and repeat step 1 above to clear
the "Memory of Alarm" and restore the Ready message display. If the Ready message will not
display, go to the displayed zone and remedy the fault (close windows, etc.). If the fault
cannot be remedied, notify the alarm agency.
If the system was armed when the alarm occurred, repeat step 1 twice: once to disarm the
system, a second time to clear the display.
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