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General Information At the time of installation, you were assigned an authority level and a personal four-digit
security code, known only to you and yours. The security code must be entered when arming
and disarming the system. The authority level defines the system functions that you can
As an additional safety feature, other users that do not have a need to know your code can be
assigned different security codes, and each user can be given a different authority level.
Users are identified by "user numbers", which are assigned when assigning a user's security
All codes can be used interchangeably when performing system functions within the limits of
each code's authority level (a system armed with one user's code can be disarmed by another
user's code), with the exception of the Operator Level C code. See
section on the following page for detailed information regarding user authority levels.
Duress Code This feature is intended for use when you are forced to disarm or arm the system under threat.
When used, the system will act normally, but can silently notify the central station of your
situation, if that service has been provided. The duress code is pre-assigned by the installer
during installation (authority level 6).
Important: This code is useful only when the system is connected to a central station.
Quick Arming Note that if "Quick Arming" was programmed by the installer, the # key can be pressed in
place of the security code when arming the system. The security code must always be used to
disarm the system, however.
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