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General Rules on
Authority Levels and
A user may not delete or change the user code of the SAME or HIGHER authority than
which he is assigned.
A user may only ADD users to a LOWER authority level.
A user may assign access codes only to those partitions to which the user adding the code
has access. (ex. a user with access to only partition 1 cannot assign codes in partition 2.)
The only way to assign a user's authority level is by using the "Add A User" procedure. To
change a user's authority level, that user must first be deleted, then added again.
A user can only be DELETED or CHANGED from within the partition he is assigned.
User numbers must be entered as 2-digit entries. Single digit user numbers must be
preceded by a "0" (example, 03, 04, etc.). Security codes are entered as 4-digit numbers.
Before assigning a security code, be sure it does not conflict with any DURESS code.
Note: When adding, changing or deleting users, all other alpha keypads in that partition will
display "User Edit Mode – Please Stand By", and key depressions (except Panic) at those
keypads will be ignored. Panic key depressions will cause an alarm and terminate user entry.
To Exit User Edit Mode You can exit any of the user edit modes described on the following pages at any time by doing
the following:
Press either * or # , or don't press any key for 10 seconds.
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