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Silencing Low Battery
Warning Beeps at the
The keypad’s warning beeps can be silenced by performing an OFF sequence (code plus
OFF key), but the Keypad's low battery message display will remain on as a reminder that you
have a low battery condition in one or more of your sensors. When you replace the weak
battery with a fresh one, the sensor will send a "good battery" signal to the control as soon as
the sensor is activated (opening/closing of door, window, etc.), causing the low battery
display to turn off. If the sensor is not activated, the display will automatically clear within
approximately 1 hour.
Routine Care Treat the components of your security
system as you would any other electrical equipment.
Do not slam sensor-protected doors or windows.
Keep dust from accumulating on the keypad and all protective sensors, particularly on
motion sensors and smoke detectors.
The keypad and sensors should be cleaned carefully with a dry soft cloth.
Do not spray
water or any other fluid on the units.
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