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The following glossary of terms are used throughout the manual.
ARM/DISARM: "Armed" simply means that the burglary portion of your system is turned ON and is in a state of
readiness. "Disarmed" means that the burglary system is turned OFF, and must be rearmed to
become operational. However, even in a "disarmed" state, "emergency" and "fire" portions of
your system are still operational.
KEYPAD: This is the area on your Keypad containing numbered pushbuttons similar to those on
telephones or calculators. These keys control the arming or disarming of the system, and
perform other functions which were previously described in this manual.
ZONE: A specific area of protection.
PARTITION: An independent group of zones that can be armed and disarmed without affecting other
zones or users.
BYPASS: To disarm a specific area of burglary protection while leaving other areas operational.
DELAY ZONE: An area of protection containing doors most frequently used to enter or exit (typically, a front
door, back door, or door from the garage into the building). The delay zone allows sufficient
time for authorized entry or exit without causing an alarm. Consult your installer for the entry
and exit delay times that have been set for your system during installation and record them on
the separate sheet provided in this manual.
DAY/NIGHT ZONE: An area of protection whose violation causes a trouble indication during the disarmed (DAY)
mode and an alarm during the armed (NIGHT) mode.
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