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keypad beeps rapidly upon
entering the premises, it
indicates that an alarm has
occurred during your
POLICE from a nearby
safe location.
Your keypads allow you to control all system functions. The keypads feature a telephone style
(digital) keypad and a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which shows the nature and location of all
occurrences. Keypad display backlighting is programmable to always stay on or to light only
when a key is pressed, then turn off a little later.
The keypads also feature a built-in sounder which will sound during alarms and troubles. It will
also "beep" during certain system functions, such as during entry/exit delay times, during
CHIME mode, and when pressing keys to arm and disarm the system (to acknowledge the key
press). These sounds can be optionally suppressed in some of your keypads (so as not to
disturb other users of the system). Ask your installer if this has been done.
There are three types of keypads – an alpha keypad, a 2-way voice/alpha keypad, and a fixed-
word keypad.
The Alpha Keypad Alpha keypads feature a 2-line, 32 character alphanumeric Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which
can display system messages in friendly English. Abbreviated user's instructions can also be
displayed (see Self Help paragraph in the
section). These keypads can
also be programmed with custom zone descriptors, and feature a flip-down cover which can
be removed, if desired.
The screen displays depicted throughout this manual are those that would
typically appear on a 2-line Alpha keypad.
The 2-Way Voice/Alpha
2-Way Voice/Alpha keypads are functionally identical to alpha keypads and feature the same
friendly English alpha display, but have a built-in microphone and speaker that can allow the
central station to listen in to activity at the premises in the event of an alarm, and to
communicate directly with persons at the premises via the keypad.
These keypads are available only for systems supporting the 2-way voice feature.
The Fixed-Word
Fixed-Word keypads are functionally identical to alpha keypads, but the LCD display uses pre-
designated words to identify the nature and location of occurrences. Note that there are two
styles of fixed-word displays, depending on the type of keypad installed (see next page).
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