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General Congratulations on your ownership of an Ademco Partitioned Security System. You've made a
wise decision in choosing it, for it represents the latest in security protection technology today.
Ademco is the world's largest manufacturer of security systems and millions of premises are
protected by Ademco systems.
This system offers you three forms of protection: burglary, fire and emergency. Your system
consists of at least one keypad which provides control of system operation, and includes
various sensors which provide perimeter and interior burglary protection, plus smoke or
combustion detectors designed to provide early warning in case of fire .
The system uses microcomputer technology to monitor all protection zones and system status
and provides appropriate information for display on the keypad(s) used with the system, and
initiates appropriate alarms. Your system may also have been programmed to automatically
transmit alarm or status messages over the phone lines to a central alarm monitoring station.
A Partitioned
System Simply stated, a partitioned system provides two or more separate areas of protection intended
for use by independent users. For the most part, you need not know about other partition users
and their structure in the system, but from time to time, you may see display messages which
indicate the system is in use by a user in another partition. This is normal.
A partitioned system may also have a “common” area, which is an area shared by users of both
independent partitions in this system. This common area can be regarded as a third partition.
Refer to the COMMON AREA OPERATION section for details.
Zones Your system's sensing devices have been assigned to various "zones." For example, the
sensing device on your Entry/Exit door may have been assigned to zone 01, sensing devices
on windows in the master bedroom to zone 02, and so on. These numbers will appear on the
display, along with a description for that zone (if programmed), when an alarm or trouble
condition occurs.
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