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Fire Protection The fire protection portion of your security system (if used) is always active and will sound an
alarm if a fire condition is detected. Refer to the FIRE ALARM SYSTEM section for important
information concerning fire protection, smoke detectors and planning emergency exit routes
from the premises.
Alarms When an alarm occurs, both the keypad and external sounders will sound, and the keypad will
display the zone(s) causing the alarm. If your system is connected to a central monitoring
station, an alarm message will also be sent. To stop the alarm sounding, simply disarm the
Memory of Alarm When an alarm condition occurs, the keypad displays the number(s) of the zone(s) that caused
the problem, and displays the type of alarm (ex. FIRE, ALARM). It remains displayed until it is
cleared by disarming the system (see DISARMING THE SYSTEM section).
Phone Access &
Voice Response
Your system may include a voice module that will permit you to access the system via a Touch-
Tone phone, either on-premises or by call-in when away. The phone access feature will enable
you to do the following:
Receive synthesised voice messages over the telephone regarding the status of the security
Arm and disarm the system and perform most function commands via the telephone, with
voice confirmation provided after each command entry.
Complete information regarding the use of this feature is provided in a separate manual entitled
PHONE ACCESS USER'S GUIDE, which accompanies the voice module.
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