To keep your pedometer in the best condition and protect the unit from
damage follow the directions listed below:
Do not disassemble or modify the unit. Changes or modifications not
approved by Omron Healthcare will void the user warranty.
Clean the unit with a soft dry cloth.
Do not use any abrasive or volatile cleaners.
Do not immerse the unit or any of the components in water.
The unit is not waterproof. Do not wash it or touch it with wet hands. Be
careful that water does not get into the unit.
Store the unit in a safe and dry location.
Avoid the unit being exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures, high
humidity, water and/or dust.
Do not subject the unit to strong shock, drop, or step on the unit.
Remove the battery if the unit will not be used for three months
or longer.
Use of the unit must be consistent with the instructions provided
in this manual.
3. Remove the old battery.
Take the battery out with a thin stick that
is not easily breakable.
• DO NOT use a pair of metal tweezers
or a screwdriver.
Dispose of the device, battery, and components according to
applicable local regulations. Unlawful disposal be cause
environmental pollution.
Do not throw the battery into fire. The battery may explode.
4. Insert the new battery.
Place the positive (+) side of the battery
upward. Insert the battery in the direction
of the arrow as illustrated.
5. Replace the battery cover.
Insert the projected portion of the
battery cover as illustrated.
Tighten the screws on the battery cover.
After installing the battery, set time of day, weight and height. Refer to
“Setting the Time” on page 8.
Care and Maintenance
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