5 CiA402 Drive Profile
5 - 22 EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
For details, refer to Section 6 Handling of Errors and Maintenance.
Cause code list
Cause code Meaning
0001 hex Busy
0002 hex Device busy
0003 hex Unexpectedly received data
0020 hex Sync Manager assignment exceeded
0021 hex PDO map number is invalid (outside the range, does not exist)
0022 hex RxPDO map overlap
0023 hex Object specified for RxPDO mapping is invalid
0024 hex Total number of assignment exceeded
0040 hex RxPDO object overlap
0041 hex Number of PDO mapping exceeded
0042 hex PDO map size exceeded (more than 32 bits)
0043 hex Incorrect object specification (sub-index 0 is mapped)
0044 hex Object not supported
0045 hex 5000 to 5999 and 6000 to 6999 objects mixed
0046 hex Object specified for PDO map is invalid
0047 hex Incorrect data size for specified object
0048 hex PDO mapping exists but size is 0
004F hex Specified access method not supported
0050 hex Specified object mapping is invalid
0060 hex RxPDO object overlap (MX2 registers are overlapping)
0061 hex Unsupported data type is specified
0070 hex Unsupported mode (mode other than FreeRun is specified)
00E0 hex Start address of the Refresh area is 1000 hex or lower, or an odd number
00E1 hex Specified size of the Refresh area exceeds the range
00E2 hex Start address of the Refresh area is different from the value in pre-operational (Pre-Op)
00E3 hex Sync Manager buffer overlap
00E4 hex Map size and Sync Manager size are different
00E5 hex Sync Manager operation invalid
00E6 hex Sync Manager size is 0
00E7 hex Incorrect direction setting
00E8 hex Buffer mode is incorrect
8000 hex Resource depletion
8001 hex Internal inconsistency
8002 hex Other error
FFFF hex No error
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