A - 4 EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
A-1-3 EtherCAT Communications Specifications
Item Specifications
Communications standard IEC 61158 Type12, IEC 61800-7 CiA 402 drive profile
Physical layer 100BASE-TX (IEEE802.3)
Connector RJ45 × 2 (shielded type)
ECAT IN : EtherCAT input
ECAT OUT : EtherCAT output
Communications media Category 5 or higher (cable with double, aluminum tape and braided shielding) is
Communications distance Distance between nodes: 100 m max.
Process data Fixed PDO mapping
PDO mapping
Mailbox (CoE) Emergency messages, SDO requests, SDO responses, and SDO information
Distributed clock FreeRun mode (asynchronous)
LED display L/A IN (Link/Activity IN) × 1
L/A OUT (Link/Activity OUT) × 1
RUN × 1
ERR × 1
CiA402 drive profile Velocity mode
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