A - 37
EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
A-5 RX-V1 Series Parameter List
RX-V1 Inverter fault factor list
1) RX-V1 Cause of fault
For specific remedies, refer to RX-V1 SERIES USER’S MANUAL (Cat No.I578).
2) RX-V1 Inverter status at fault occur
Cause (Alarm coder high-place)
Name Alarm code Data
No trip factor E00.0h
Overcurrent protection during constant speed E01.1h
Overcurrent protection during deceleration E02.2h
Overcurrent protection during acceleration E03.3h
Overcurrent protection during stop E04.4h
Overload protection E05.5h
Braking resistor overload protection E06.6h
Overvoltage protection E07.7h
EEPROM error E08.8h
Undervoltage protection E09.9h
CT error E10.Ah
CPU error E11.Bh
External trip E12.Ch
CPU error E13.Dh
Grounding protection E14.Eh
Incoming overvoltage protection E15.Fh
Momentary power interruption protection E16.10h
Power module abnormal temperature (during FAN stop) E20.14h
Power module abnormal temperature E21.15h
Gate array communications error E23.17h
Input phase loss protection E24.18h
Main circuit error E25.19h
IGBT error E30.1Eh
Thermistor error E35.23h
Brake error E36.24h
Emergency shutoff error E37.25h
Low-speed-range electronic thermal E38.26h
Option 1 errors 0 to 9 E60. to 69.3Ch to 45h
Option 2 errors 0 to 9 E70. to 79.46h to 4Fh
Inverter status (Alarm coder low-place)
Name Alarm code Data
During reset E.0 0h
During stop E.1 1h
During deceleration E.2 2h
At a constant speed E.3 3h
During acceleration E.4 4h
Operates at frequency = 0 E.5 5h
During startup E.6 6h
DB active E.7 7h
During overload limit E.8 8h
During SON/FOC E.9 9h
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