Manual Configuration
16 EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
Manual Configuration
This User's Manual consists of sections listed below.
Understanding the following configuration ensures more effective use of the product.
Section 1 Section 1 EtherCAT Network This section explains the overview and features of the EtherCAT Com-
munication Unit and the EtherCAT network.
Section 2 Section 2 Starting a Sample Sys-
This section explains information such as the mounting, wiring and set-
ting methods for the EtherCAT Communication Unit.
Section 3 Section 3 Common Slave Specifi-
This section explains the common slave specifications during EtherCAT
communication, and about the PDOs and SDOs.
Section 4 Section 4 Inverter Control This section describes the profiles that are used to control inverters.
Section 5 Section 5 CiA402 Drive Profile This section explains about the CiA402 drive profile.
Section 6 Section 6 Handling of Errors and
This section explains how to handle errors that occur in the EtherCAT
Communication Unit.
Appendices This section explains the specifications of the EtherCAT Communication
Unit as well as objects and inverter parameters handled by/set in the
EtherCAT Communication Unit.
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