1 EtherCAT Network
1 - 2 EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
1-1 Overview of the EtherCAT Communi-
cation Unit
The EtherCAT Communication Unit is an interface unit. When installed to an MX2-series multi-function
compact inverter or RX-V1-series high-function general-purpose inverter, it provides support for
100-Mbps EtherCAT.
Support for EtherCAT enables operating and stopping with high-speed communication, monitoring the
operation status, and changing the various set values, and provides support for a wide range of appli-
The EtherCAT Communication Unit has the features shown below.
As a Sysmac Device, you can use the MX2 and RX-V1 Series EtherCAT Communication Unit together
with the NJ-series Machine Automation Controller and the Sysmac Studio Automation Software to
achieve optimum functionality and ease of operation.
* Sysmac Device is a generic term for OMRON control devices such as an EtherCAT Slave, designed with unified
communications specifications and user interface specifications.
When the CJ1W-NCx82 Master Unit, or Machine Automation Controller NJ501-1x00 series is used, the
basic control function, frequency setting function and output frequency monitor function are assigned to
the process data. This means that the inverter can be controlled as easily as normal I/O control.
The Velocity mode of the CANopen drive profile (CiA402) enables common control that does not vary
with the manufacturer.
When a communication master that supports the process data mapping is used, user can assign the
inverter parameters to the process data.
This product can be used when the communication master is a Machine Automation Controller
NJ501-1x00 series.
EtherCAT supports connection with Servo Drives and digital I/O slaves, as well as Inverters, allowing
flexible network building.
1-1-1 Features of the EtherCAT Communication Unit
Optimal functionality and ease of operation by standardizing specifi-
Communication function as easy as I/O control
Supports the Velocity mode of CiA402
PDO free format
Using together with slaves
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