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1 EtherCAT Network
EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
1-2 Overview of EtherCAT
1-2-3 EtherCAT Communication Types
EtherCAT provides the following two types of communication functions.
This is cyclic (I/O) communication.
The EtherCAT Master Unit maps logical process data space (cyclic data space) to each slave node,
and realizes cyclic (I/O) communications with Slave Units.
This is message communication.
The EtherCAT Master Unit transmits commands to Slave Units, and the Slave Units return responses to
the EtherCAT Master Unit.
The data below is sent and received.
Read and write process data
Slave settings
Monitor slave state
1-2-3 EtherCAT Communication Types
Process data communications functions (PDO communications)
Mailbox communication function (SDO communications)
EtherCAT master Slave
Ethernet frame
Slave Slave Slave
1st EtherCAT
2nd EtherCAT
3rd EtherCAT
datagram CRC
• • •
Logic process data
Data a
Data b
Data c
• • •• • •• • •
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