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2 Starting a Sample System
EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
2-1 Part Names and Settings
2-1-3 Rotary Switches for Node Address Setting
These switches are used to set the node addresses of slaves in the EtherCAT network (decimal).
The 10s digit is set on the left rotary switch and the 1s digit is set on the right rotary switch.
The setting range is 00 to 99.
Note that the node address settings vary as shown below when the Host Controller is made by
OMRON and when it is made by other manufacturers.
Precautions for Correct Use
The set node address is read only once when the inverter power supply is turned ON.
If the setting is changed after the power supply is turned ON, the new setting will not be used
until the next time that the power is turned ON.
Do not change the setting on the rotary switches after the power supply has been turned ON.
If node addresses overlap, an error occurs and the operation stops.
When setting node address to 100 or higher, set the rotary switch to 00 in order to enable the
node address setting by Sysmac Studio.
2-1-3 Rotary Switches for Node Address Setting
Set value for rotary switch
Set value for node address
OMRON Host Controller Host Controller from another
00 The Host Controller set value is used as the
node address.
Depends on the Host Controller specifica-
01 to 99 The rotary switch set value is used as the
node address.
Node address setting
(× 1)
Node address setting
(× 10)
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