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2 Starting a Sample System
EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
2-1 Part Names and Settings
2-1-5 Recommended Products
For the communications cable, use a category 5 or higher straight type cable that is double-shielded
with aluminum tape and braided shielding. Use a shielded connector of category 5 or higher.
Precautions for Correct Use
The maximum cable length between nodes is 100 m. However, some cables are specified for
less than 100 m. Generally, transmission performance of twisted wire conductor is lower than
that of solid wire. Confirm the details with the cable manufacturer.
Use the shielded-type RJ45 connectors. When selecting a connector, confirm if it can be
used with the recommended cable. Confirm the following items: conductor size, conductor
type (solid wire or twisted wire), number of twisted pairs (2 or 4), outer diameter, etc.
Additional Information
If an Ethernet cable of category 5 or higher is used, communications will be possible even if the
cable is not shielded. However, we recommend a cable with double, aluminum tape and
braided shielding to ensure sufficient noise immunity.
Even when using a recommended material for cable and RJ45 connector, communication error may
occur. In such case, please consider of using a clamp core. Typical clamp type ferrite products would
have a certain effect on noise reduction.
2-1-5 Recommended Products
Connection cables and RJ45 connectors
Clamp Core
Name Manufacturer Model
Clamp core NEC TOKIN ESD-SR-160
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