2 - 9
2 Starting a Sample System
EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
2-2 Basic Usage Procedures and Configura-
tion Example
2-2-1 Basic Usage Procedures
2-2 Basic Usage Procedures and Config-
uration Example
The basic usage procedures are shown below. For details on settings and connections, refer to the
manual for each Master Unit, and the slave manuals.
2-2-1 Basic Usage Procedures
Ref section 2-3-1.
Ref section 2-3-2.
1Master Unit setting
2Mounting and wiring of EtherCAT Communication Unit
3Setting MX2/RX-V1 Inverter
Checking communication start/operation
Network setup
Master Unit setting
ESI file setting
Mounting of EtherCAT Communication Unit
Wiring of EtherCAT Communication Unit
Setting reset selection
Setting RUN command
Setting frequency reference
Setting the node address of the EtherCAT
Communication Unit
Starting system
Checking Master Unit
Checking Inverter and EtherCAT Communication Unit
Checking operation
Ref section 2-4-1.
Ref section 2-4-2.
Ref section 2-5-3.
Ref section 2-5-1.
Ref section 2-5-2.
Ref section 2-6-3.
Ref section 2-6-1.
Ref section 2-6-2.
Ref section 2-7-3.
Ref section 2-7-1.
Ref section 2-7-2.
Ref section 2-7-5.
Ref section 2-7-4.
Ref section 2-8-3.
Ref section 2-8-1.
Ref section 2-8-2.
Ref section 2-8-5.
Ref section 2-8-4.
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