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3 Common Slave Specifications
EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
3-5 Emergency Messages
3-5-1 Outline
3-5 Emergency Messages
When an error or warning occurs in an MX2/RX-V1 inverter, an emergency message is sent to the mas-
ter using mailbox communications. An emergency message is not sent for a communications error.
You can select whether to send emergency messages by setting Diagnosis history (10F3 hex).
The default setting is to send emergency messages. (10F3 hex, sub-index: 05 hex (Flags) = 1)
Set the sub-index 05 hex (Flags) in object 10F3 hex to 0 every time the power is turned ON to disable
the sending of emergency messages.
Emergency messages consist of 8 bytes of data.
3-5-1 Outline
Byte 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Meaning Error code Error register
(Object 1001 hex)
Manufacturer specific error
field (reserved)
3-5-2 Error Code List
Error code Meaning Possible correction
5300 hex Error in the option and inverter
Check that the Communication Unit is mounted correctly
onto the inverter.
The Communication Unit is faulty. Replace the Communi-
cation Unit.
If a trip reset was performed with the inverter, set the
inverter C102 to 3: Trip reset only, and turn the power sup-
ply OFF and ON again.
If an initialization mode change was performed with the
inverter, turn the inverter power supply OFF and ON again.
6341 hex PDO setting error A set value in PDO mapping is invalid. Check the value of
object 5200 and the AL Status code, and then review the PDO
assignment settings.
6331 hex EEPROM data error An error was detected in data inside EEPROM when the
power supply was turned ON. Replace the Communication
The Diagnosis history cannot be saved because the
EEPROM has reached the end of its service life. There is
no effect on operations, but if you want to use the Diagno-
sis history, replace the unit.
FF00 hex A warning occurred for the
Eliminate the cause and turn on the bit 7: Fault reset of 5000
hex (Command) or 6040 hex (Controlword).
FF01 hex A trip occurred for the inverter Eliminate the cause and turn on the bit 7: Fault reset of 5000
hex (Command) or 6040 hex (Controlword).
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