3 Common Slave Specifications
3 - 8 EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
3-6 Sysmac Device Functions
The control device products designed according to the unified communication specifications and user
interface specifications applicable to OMRON's control devices are called Sysmac devices.
In addition, the functions of these devices are called Sysmac device functions.
The following explains the functions available when this product is combined with the Machine Automa-
tion Controller including NJ Series or automation software.
The EtherCAT Communication Unit for the MX2/RX-V1 Inverters supports the Sysmac device functions
from the following unit versions.
Sysmac error status
Errors generated by slaves are systematically defined in Sysmac devices. When Sysmac Studio is
used, error messages and remedial actions can be checked by following common operating proce-
Errors are notified by 2002 hex-01 hex: Sysmac Error status. If errors detected by the EtherCAT Com-
munication Unit are to be displayed in Sysmac Studio, 2002 hex-01 hex: Sysmac Error status must be
mapped to the PDO. By default, Sysmac Studio automatically maps 2002 hex-01 hex: Sysmac Error
status to the PDO by allocation of 1BFF hex : 512th transmit PDO Mapping.
Additional Information
For the Sysmac error status, refer to 5-6-1 Manufacturer Specific Objects on page P. 5-17.
For the errors displayed in Sysmac Studio, refer to A-6 Sysmac Error Status Codes on page
P. A - 6 1 .
Saving the node address settings
When the node address switch is set to 00, it means that the system is in the software setting mode and
the node address values set by Sysmac Studio become effective.
In the software setting mode, execute Write Slave Node Address on the EtherCAT Edit Screen of
Sysmac Studio to save the set values to the nonvolatile memory on the EtherCAT Communication Unit
Model Unit version that supports Sysmac device functions
3G3AX-MX2-ECT Ver. 1.1 or later
3G3AX-RX-ECT Ver. 1.0 or later
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