3 Common Slave Specifications
3 - 10 EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
Conforming to the ESI Specification (ETG.2000 S (R) V1.0.1)
The ESI Specification is a specification document defining the items described in the EtherCAT Slave
Information (ESI) file.
With controllers conforming to the Sysmac device functions, optional functions defined in the ESI Spec-
ification can be used to specify backup parameters on the slave side.
Specified backup parameters on the slave side can be backed up and restored by Sysmac Studio.
SII data check
SII (Slave Information Interface) represents configuration information specific to each EtherCAT slave,
which is written to the nonvolatile memory in the EtherCAT slave.
With Sysmac device EtherCAT slaves, SII information is checked on the slave side.
If the slave cannot operated based on the SII information written, a SII verification error will occur. If the
error still occurs after turning the power OFF and then ON again, contact your OMRON sales represen-
Precautions for Correct Use
Do not modify the SII information using a setting tool by other manufacturer.
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