4 Inverter Control
4 - 2 EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
4-1 Outline
This section describes how to use the EtherCAT Communication Unit to control the inverter.
Inverter control is performed by allocating a function object to a PDO.
Various inverter functions can be utilized by allocating a function object to a PDO.
However, some function object allocations may be fixed due to the restrictions at the Master Unit, and
PDO mapping of some function objects are not supported.
Note 1. When using a Master Unit from another manufacturer, check yourself whether it supports the above
2. If you are using your NJ501-1x00 as the master, refer to the explanation on allocation in PDO free
4-1-1 Function Object Selection
Type Details
Allocation when using CJ1W-NCx82 The fixed allocation when connected with OMRON's CJ1W-NCx82.
Independent profile OMRON's independently-developed function object.
Enables easy control of the inverter.
CiA402 drive profile A function object that conforms to the CiA402 drive profile.
PDO free format Objects can be freely allocated, including the above objects.
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