Precautions for Safe Use
6EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
Precautions for Safe Use
Do not store or use the product in the following places.
Locations subject to direct sunlight.
Locations subject to ambient temperature exceeding the specifications.
Locations subject to relative humidity exceeding the specifications.
Locations subject to condensation due to severe temperature fluctuations.
Locations subject to corrosive or flammable gases.
Locations subject to exposure to combustibles.
Locations subject to dust (especially iron dust) or salts.
Locations subject to exposure to water, oil, or chemicals.
Locations subject to direct vibration or shock.
Do not drop or apply strong impact on the product. Doing so may result in damaged parts or malfunc-
If you are transporting the product installed to the inverter, be sure to carry it by holding an inverter
radiation fin.
Do not remove the cover of the EtherCAT Communication Unit. Also, make sure that for the
3G3AX-MX2-ECT, the unit fastening screws are tightened to the specified torque.
Provide an appropriate stopping device to secure safety. In particular, note that if you enable the set-
ting to continue operation in case of communication error, the Inverter will not stop when an error
occurs and equipment damage may result.
Take sufficient shielding measures when using the product in the following locations. Not doing so
may result in damage to the product.
Locations subject to static electricity or other forms of noise.
Locations subject to strong magnetic fields.
Locations close to power lines.
During installation, wiring, and network setting on the Communication Unit, please refer to applicable
sections of the manual to ensure the correct connection and configuration procedures.
When removing the Communication Unit, do not pull on the flat cable.
When mounting the Communication Unit, be sure that the flat cable is not pinched.
Be careful about burrs of the break-outs on the inverter front cover when mounting the Communica-
tion Unit.
Installation and Storage
Transportation, Installation, and Wiring
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