4 - 9
4 Inverter Control
EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
4-2 Control with the Position Control Unit
4-2-4 Sample Program
This section explains a configuration that uses CJ1W-NCx82 as the master, and one MX2 inverter on
which an EtherCAT Communication Unit (node address: 17) is mounted as the slave.
The shared parameter settings of CJ1W-NCx82 are as follows.
The control information and status information of the EtherCAT Communication Unit is allocated to the
addresses below.
Control information (master to slave)
Status information (slave to master)
4-2-4 Sample Program
Parameter settings
Parameter name Set value
Remote I/O Output Memory Area Selection CIO area
First word of remote I/O Output memory area 3800
Remote I/O Input Memory Area Selection CIO area
First word of remote I/O Input memory area 3900
Word Address Meaning
n CIO 3800 Command
Bit 0: Forward/stop
Bit 1: Reverse/stop
Bit 7: Fault reset
n + 1 CIO 3801 Frequency reference (increments of 0.01 Hz)
Word Address Meaning
m CIO 3900 Command
Bit 0: During forward operation
Bit 1: During reverse operation
Bit 3: Fault
m + 1 CIO 3901 Output frequency monitor (increments of 0.01 Hz)
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