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4 Inverter Control
EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
4-4 Control with the CiA402 Profile
4-4-3 Control Method
Control the inverter by operating the PDOs that allocate the profile.
Control information (master to slave)
Status information (slave to master)
The 16-bit data is as shown below.
Note When Quick stop is set to 0 during operation, deceleration stop is made. After completely stopping, the
next operation is accepted.
vl target velocity
4-4-3 Control Method
IO format
Word Meaning
n Controlword
n + 1 vl target velocity
Word Meaning
m + 1 vl velocity demand
Bit and data information
Bit Name Meaning
0 Switch on The state is controlled by these bits.
For details, refer to 5-1-3 Command Coding on page P. 5-3.
1 Enable voltage
2 Quick stop
3 Enable operation
7 Fault reset
Faults and warnings are cleared when this bit turns ON.
Reserved Set 0.
Name Meaning
vl target velocity Specify the command speed in rpm.
Setting range: maximum speed to +maximum speed
Specify the operation direction with a symbol (/+). When a value is set that exceeds
the maximum frequency, operation is performed at the maximum frequency.
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