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4 Inverter Control
EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
4-5 Control with the PDO Free Format
4-5-1 Inverter Setting
4-5 Control with the PDO Free Format
Objects can be freely allocated to PDOs to create an independent profile.
If you use in combination with the OMRON independent profile or the CiA402 drive profile, you can per-
form advanced control and monitoring.
To use your OMRON NJ501-1x00 as the master, allocate desired objects by referring to this section.
When using the OMRON independent profile, set A001, A002 and C102.
When using the CiA402 drive profile, set A001, A002, H004 and C102.
For details, refer to the previous sections.
Allocate the objects that you want to use to PDOs.
Set as follows to allocate the acceleration time and deceleration time to RxPDO and the current monitor
to TxPDO, based on the OMRON independent profile.
PDO mapping
Sync Manager assignment
Following from the above allocations, the IO format is as follows.
4-5-1 Inverter Setting
4-5-2 Object Mapping
Setting example
PDO Description
1600 hex
(1st receive PDO Mapping)
4011.26 (F002 Acceleration time setting 1)
1601 hex
(2nd receive PDO Mapping)
4011.28 (F003 Deceleration time setting 1)
1A00 hex
(1st transmit PDO Mapping)
3010.24 (d002 Output current monitor)
Sync Manager PDO assignment Description
1C12 hex 1701 hex (Fixed allocation of the independent profile)
1600 hex (Setting as above)
1601 hex (Setting as above)
1C13 hex 1B01 hex (Fixed allocation of the independent profile)
1A00 hex (Setting as above)
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