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4 Inverter Control
EtherCAT Communication Unit USER’S MANUAL (I574-E1)
4-6 Trial operation via EtherCAT Communication Unit
4-6 Trial operation via EtherCAT Commu-
nication Unit
You can use the "Test Operation" function of your parameter setting tool (CX-Drive, etc.) to operate the
inverter on a trial basis.
Before performing trial operation of the inverter via the EtherCAT Communication Unit, make sure
EtherCAT network communications have been established properly. The main purpose of trial opera-
tion is to confirm that the system operates correctly from the electrical viewpoint. Perform trial operation
after confirming safety around the devices.
If an error occurs during trial operation, remove the error by referring to Section 6, Handling of Errors
and Maintenance or the User's Manual for MX2/RX-V1 Series, and resume operation after conforming
How to perform trial operation using a parameter setting tool
1Start your parameter setting tool and make online connection via EtherCAT.
2Select the Test Operation function.
3Set a desired frequency, acceleration time and deceleration time, and then select Forward or
Reverse and run the motor.
The motor will keep running until Stop is selected.
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