You must have an iFit module to use an iFit workout.
To purchase an iFit module at any time, go to
www.iFit.com or call the telephone number on the
front cover of this manual.
Note: To use an iFit module, you must have access
to a computer with an internet connection and a USB
port. You will also need an iFit.com membership. To
use a wireless iFit module, you must also have your
own wireless network including an 802.11b/g/n router
with SSID broadcast enabled (hidden networks are not
1. Begin pedaling or press any button on the
console to turn on the console.
When you turn on the console, the display will turn
on. The console will then be ready for use.
2. Make sure that the iFit module is inserted in the
To use an iFit workout, make sure that the iFit mod-
ule is inserted in the console.
IMPORTANT: To satisfy exposure compliance
requirements, the antenna and transmitter in
the iFit module must be at least 8 in. (20 cm)
from all persons and must not be near or con-
nected to any other antenna or transmitter.
3. Select a user.
If more than one user is registered with your
iFit.com membership, you can switch users in the
iFit main screen. Press the increase and decrease
buttons next to the Enter button to select a user.
4. Select an iFit workout.
To select an iFit workout, press one of the iFit but-
tons. Before some workouts will download, you
must add them to your schedule on www.iFit.com.
Press the Map button, the Train button, or the Lose
Wt. button to download the next workout of that
type in your schedule.
Press the Compete button to compete in a race
that you have previously scheduled.
Press the Track button to re-run a recent iFit work-
out from your schedule. Next, press the increase
and decrease buttons to select the desired work-
out. Then, press the Enter button to start the
For more information about the iFit workouts,
please see www.iFit.com.
When you select an iFit workout, the display will
show the duration of the workout and the approxi-
mate number of calories you will burn. The display
may also show the name of the workout. If you
select a competition workout, the display may
count down to the beginning of the race.
Note: The iFit buttons may also run demo work-
outs. To use the demo workouts, remove the iFit
module from the console and press one of the iFit
5. Start the workout.
See step 3 on page 20.
During some workouts, an audio coach will guide
you through your workout. You can select a set-
ting for the audio coach (see HOW TO CHANGE
To stop the workout at any time, stop pedaling. The
time will flash in the display. To resume the work-
out, simply resume pedaling.
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