The advanced console offers an array of features
designed to make your workouts more effective and
When you use the manual mode of the console, you
can change the resistance of the pedals with the touch
of a button.
You can also create custom manual workouts with
alternating high- and low-intensity intervals.
As you exercise, the console will provide continu-
ous exercise feedback. You can even measure your
heart rate using the handgrip heart rate monitor or
a compatible heart rate monitor. See page 22 for
information about purchasing an optional chest
heart rate monitor.
You can also connect your smart device to the console
and use an iFit® app to record and track your workout
The console also offers a selection of onboard work-
outs. Each onboard workout automatically changes the
resistance of the pedals and prompts you to maintain a
target power output as it guides you through an effec-
tive workout.
You can also listen to your favorite workout music or
audio books with the console sound system while you
To use the manual mode, see page 17. To use an
onboard workout, see page 20.
To use the sound system, see page 21. To con-
nect your smart device to the console, see page
22. To connect your heart rate monitor to the
console, see page 23. To use the settings mode,
see page 23.
If there is a sheet of plastic on the display, remove the
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