1. Turn on the console.
Begin pedaling or press any button on the console
to turn on the console.
When you turn on the console, the displays will turn
on, a tone will sound, and the console will be ready
for use.
2. Enter your weight.
Press the Wt increase
and decrease buttons to
enter your weight.
Note: The console will use your weight to calcu-
late your approximate power output and calories
burned. If you do not enter your weight, the console
will use a default value to calculate your power
output and calories burned.
3. Select an onboard workout.
To select an onboard
workout, press the
Tempo Apps button or
the Intrvl Apps button
repeatedly until the
name of the desired
workout appears in the display. A few seconds after
you press a button, the duration of the workout will
appear in the display.
4. Start the workout.
Begin pedaling to start the workout.
Each workout is divided into one-minute segments.
One resistance level and one power output target
are programmed for each segment. Note: The
same resistance level and/or power output target
may be programmed for consecutive segments.
At the end of each segment of the workout, a
series of tones will sound. The resistance level
for the next segment will appear in the display for
a few seconds to alert you. The resistance of the
pedals will then change.
The power ring will show a flashing indicator that
represents the power output target for the segment.
The solid bar represents your actual power output
Note: In the power ring, power output is displayed
in watts per kilogram of body weight.
As you exercise, keep your power output near the
power output target for the current segment by
increasing or decreasing your pedaling speed.
IMPORTANT: The power output target is
intended only to provide motivation. Make sure
to pedal at a speed and a resistance level that
is comfortable for you.
If the resistance level for the current segment is
too high or too low, you can manually override
the setting by pressing the Resistance buttons.
IMPORTANT: When the current segment of the
workout ends, the pedals will automatically
adjust to the resistance level programmed for
the next segment.
To pause the console, simply stop pedaling. When
the console is paused, the time will flash in the
display. To continue your workout, simply resume
Power Output
Actual Power
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