 
The fan features multiple
speed settings. Press the fan
decrease button repeatedly to
select a fan speed or to turn off
the fan. Press the fan increase
button to select a fan speed or
to turn on the fan.
 
Step onto the foot rails, press the Stop button, and
 
Next, remove the key from the console and
put it in a secure place.
 
the power switch into the off position and unplug
the power cord. 
 
See HOW TO TURN ON THE POWER on page 14.
 
To select an onboard workout, press the Workouts
button repeatedly until the desired workout appears
in the display.
When you select an onboard workout, the display
will show the duration, the distance, the name, the
approximate number of calories you will burn during
the workout, the maximum incline setting, and the
maximum speed setting of the workout. In addition,
appear in the matrix.
 
Press the Start button or the Speed increase button
to start the workout. A moment after you press the
button, the treadmill will automatically adjust to the
the handrails and begin walking.
 Each workout is divided into segments. One speed
setting and one incline setting are programmed for
each segment. Note: The same speed setting
and/or incline setting may be programmed for con-
secutive segments.
During the
the pro-
the speed
and incline
tabs will
show your
resents part of the current segment of the workout.
approximate speed or incline setting for the current
segment. If a different speed and/or incline setting
is programmed for the next segment, the treadmill
will automatically adjust to the new speed and/or
incline setting.
Current Segment
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