During a competition workout, the Competition tab
will show your progress in the race. As you race,
the top line in the matrix will show how much of the
race you have completed. The other lines will show
your top four competitors. The end of the matrix
represents the end of the race.
 
See step 6 on page 15.
 
See step 7 on page 16.
 
See step 8 on page 16.
The console features a settings mode that allows you
to view usage information, to personalize console set-
tings, and to set up and manage a wireless network
 
To select the settings mode, press the Settings
button. The settings mode will then appear in the
The time display will show the total number of
hours that the treadmill has been used.
The distance display will show the total number
of miles (or kilometers) that the walking belt has
 
The matrix will display a menu of the settings mode
Press the increase and decrease buttons next to
the Enter button to highlight the desired option.
—The selected unit of measurement will
appear in the matrix. To change the unit of mea-
surement, press the Enter button. To view distance
in miles, select ENGLISH. To view distance in
kilometers, select METRIC.
—The contrast level of the display will
appear in the matrix. Press the Incline increase and
decrease buttons to adjust the contrast level.
 
Note: The matrix will display NOT CONNECTED if
the console is not connected to a wireless network.
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