Press the Enter button to check for firmware
updates using your wireless network. If an update
is available, the update will begin automatically.
The lower part of the matrix will display instructions
for the highlighted option. Make sure to follow the
instructions displayed in the lower part of the
IMPORTANT: To avoid damaging the treadmill,
do not turn off the power while the firmware is
being updated. The update may take several
Note: Occasionally, a firmware update may cause
your console to function slightly differently. These
updates are always designed to improve your exer-
cise experience.
3. Select the optional screens.
Demo—The console features a display demo
mode, designed to be used if the treadmill is dis-
played in a store. While the demo mode is turned
on, the console will function normally when you
plug in the power cord, press the power switch
into the reset position, and insert the key into the
console. However, when you remove the key, the
displays will remain lit, although the buttons will not
function. If the demo mode is turned on, the word
ON will appear in the matrix. To turn on or turn off
the demo mode, press the Enter button.
Default Settings—To restore the console to its
factory default settings, press the Enter button.
Note: The console will erase any information that
you have saved in its memory.
The WiFi–Normal option will allow you to set up
a wireless network connection using the console.
See step 4 for instructions.
The WiFi–Advanced option will allow you to set up
a wireless network connection using your com-
puter, smart phone, tablet, or other Wi-Fi device.
See step 6 for instructions.
iFit User Setup—A numerical code and a web
address will appear in the matrix. Go to the web
address on your internet-compatible device.
Clear WiFi—To erase the console’s wireless
network settings and have it forget the currently
selected wireless network, follow the instructions in
the matrix.
4. Use WiFi–Normal to set up a wireless
This option will allow you to set up a wireless net-
work connection using the console.
Note: You will need to know your network name
(SSID). If your network has a password, you will
also need to know the password.
To set up a wireless network connection using the
console, first press the Enter button.
A list of networks will appear in the matrix. Press
the up and down buttons to highlight the desired
network. Then, press the Enter button. When the
cursor passes the first and last networks in the list,
the console will rescan for access points. Note: Do
not select IFIT_SETUP.
Note: The time display will show the number of
the currently-selected access point. The distance
display will show the total number of access points
If the network has a password, enter the password.
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