Your browser will load a web page. If the web page
does not appear, double-check the IP address and
the previous instructions of this step. Follow the
instructions on the web page to connect the tread-
mill to your wireless network.
Note: A warning may appear stating that the server
cannot be identified. If this happens, make sure
that you have entered the IP address correctly.
If you cannot complete any part of this
process, or if you have any questions, go to
support.ifit.com for assistance.
7. Exit the settings mode.
To exit the settings mode, press the Settings
Note: To connect your tablet to the console, you must
have access to a wireless network (see pages 18–21).
An iFit account and an iFit app are also required. Go
to www.iFit.com to sign up for an account and to
download the app.
1. Set up a wireless connection on the console.
See pages 18–21. Note: The console and your
tablet must be connected to the same wireless
2. Access the iFit app on your tablet and sign into
your iFit account.
3. Enter an IP address.
Select the Settings mode (see step 1 on page 18).
Touch Connect on the tablet. Follow the prompts
on your tablet to complete this step.
4. Control the treadmill using your tablet.
Once you have established a wireless connection
between your tablet and the console, you can con-
trol the treadmill using the options on your tablet.
From your tablet, you can access workouts and
adjust the speed and incline. Note: The console
must be in manual mode for you to run a work-
out with your tablet. The buttons on the con-
sole will continue to function in addition to the
tablet controls. If you pause a workout on your
tablet, the workout can only be resumed using
the controls on your tablet.
5. Log out and exit.
 
link in the upper right corner of the tablet to log out.
For more information about the iFit app, go to
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