8. With the help of a second person, hold the Console Base (87)
near the Right Upright (82). Make sure that the Pulse Wire
(121) in the back of the Console Base goes through the
looped plastic tie. Connect the Pulse Wire to the wire from the
Pulse Bar (109). Next, insert the Wire Harness (34) into the
hole in the side of the Console Base and through the looped
plastic tie. Connect the Wire Harness and Pulse Wire to the
connector on the Console Base in the area indicated by the
arrow and inset drawing. The connectors should slide eas-
ily and “snap” into place. If the connectors do not slide eas-
ily and snap into place, turn a connector and try again.
Press an Upright Cap (117) into the end of each Upright (82,
122 [not shown]). Feed the wires into the Upright as you set
the Console Base (87) on the Uprights. Make sure that no
wires are pinched and that the front edges of the Foam
Grips (48, 110 [not shown]) are under the Console Base.
Feed the excess wire down into the Right Upright (82).
Make sure that there is enough slack in the lower end of
the Wire Harness (34) so it lies flat on top of the Base
(115) (see drawing 3). Attach the Console Base (87) to the
Uprights with four 1 1/4” Tek Screws (79). Start all four
Screws before tightening them; do not overtighten the
Screws. Securely tighten the plastic tie on the Console
Base to prevent the Wire Harness from slipping. Then,
cut off the end of the plastic tie.
Plastic Tie
82 48
10.Attach the Console Back (116) to the Console Base (87)
with seven 1/2” Screws (46). Firmly tighten the Screws.
Carefully lower the Uprights (82, 122 [not shown]). Note:
It may be helpful to place your foot on a Wheel (not
shown) as you lower the Uprights. Make sure that the
frame is centered between the Uprights.
Firmly tighten the bolts used in assembly step 2.
Carefully raise the Uprights (82, 122 [not shown]).
11.Make sure that all parts are properly tightened before you use the treadmill. Note: Extra screws may
be included. Keep the included allen wrench in a secure place. The allen wrench is used to adjust the walk-
ing belt (see page 18). To protect the floor or carpet from damage, place a mat under the treadmill.
46 46
95 86
9. Attach a Wheel (95) to the right side of the Base (115)
with a Wheel Bolt (86) and a Wheel Nut (15) as shown.
Attach a Wheel to the other side of the Base (not shown)
in the same way.
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