Calories/Fat Calories
display shows the
approximate numbers of
calories and fat calories
you have burned (see
FAT BURNING on page 22). Every seven sec-
onds, the display will change from one number to
the other. The Fat Cals. indicator will light when
the number of fat calories is shown.
display—This display
shows the speed of the
walking belt and your
current pace (pace is
measured in minutes per
mile). Every seven seconds, the display will
change from one number to the other. The Min/
Mile indicator will light when your pace is shown.
Note: The console can
display speed and dis-
tance in either miles or
kilometers. To find which
unit of measurement is
selected, hold down the
Stop button while inserting the key into the con-
sole. An “E,” for English miles, or an “M,” for metric
kilometers, will appear in the display. Press the
button to change the unit of measure-
ment. When the desired unit of measurement is
selected, remove the key and then reinsert it.
Note: For simplicity, all instructions in this manual
refer to miles.
To reset the displays, press the Stop button, re-
move the key, and then reinsert the key.
Measure your heart rate, if desired.
Note: Before using the pulse sensor, make sure
that your hands are clean.
To measure your
heart rate, stand
on the foot rails
and place both
thumbs on the
pulse sensor as
shown. Do not
press too hard,
or the circulation
in your thumbs
will be restricted
and your heart
rate will not be detected. After a few seconds,
one or two dashes will appear in the Pulse display
and then your heart rate will be shown. Hold your
thumbs on the sensor for another 15 seconds for
the most accurate reading. If the displayed heart
rate appears to be too high or too low, or if your
heart rate is not displayed, lift your thumbs off the
sensor and allow the display to reset. Then, place
your thumbs on the sensor as described above.
Remember to stand still while measuring your
heart rate. Note: If the optional chest pulse sensor
is worn, your heart rate will be displayed in the
Pulse display.
When you are finished, remove the key.
Step onto the foot rails, press the Stop button, and
adjust the incline of the treadmill to the lowest
setting. The incline must be at the lowest set-
ting when the treadmill is folded to the storage
position or the treadmill will be damaged. Next,
remove the key from the console and put it in a se-
cure place. Note: If the displays and various in-
dicators on the console remain lit after the key
is removed, the console is in the “demo”
mode. See page 18 and turn off the demo mode.
When you are finished using the treadmill, move
the on/off switch near the power cord to the off
position and unplug the power cord.
Insert the key fully into the console.
See HOW TO TURN ON THE POWER on page 10.
Select one of the personal trainer programs.
When the key is
inserted, the
manual mode
will be selected
and the Manual
indicator will
light. To select
one of the personal trainer programs, press the
Program button repeatedly until one of the eight
personal trainer program indicators lights.
The console features three low-intensity programs,
two medium-intensity programs, and three high-
intensity programs. The profiles on the console
show how the speed and incline of the treadmill
will change during the programs. The numbers
beside the profiles show the maximum speed and
incline settings for the programs. For example, the
upper left profile shows that the treadmill will reach
a maximum speed of 4 mph and a maximum
incline of 8% during the first program.
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