IMPORTANT: If the treadmill has been exposed to
cold temperatures, allow it to warm to room tem-
perature before you turn on the power. If you do
not do this, you may damage the console displays
or other electrical components.
Plug in the power cord (see
page 16). Next, locate the
power switch on the treadmill
frame near the power cord.
Make sure that the switch is
in the reset position.
IMPORTANT: The console features a display demo
mode, designed to be used if the treadmill is dis-
played in a store. If the demo mode is turned on,
the displays will show a preset presentation after
you plug in the power cord and press the power
switch into the reset position, before you insert the
key. To turn off the demo mode, see step 5 on page
Next, stand on the foot
rails of the treadmill.
Locate the clip attached
to the key, and slide
the clip securely onto
the waistband of your
clothes. Then, insert the
key into the console.
After several seconds,
the displays will light. IMPORTANT: In an emergency,
the key can be pulled from the console, causing
the walking belt to slow to a stop. Test the clip by
carefully taking a few steps backward; if the key is
not pulled from the console, adjust the position of
the clip.
Note: It may take a minute for the console to be
ready for use.
The console features a tablet with a full-color touch
screen. The following information will help you become
familiar with the tablet’s advanced technology:
You can slide or flick your finger against the screen
to move certain images on the screen, such as
the displays in a workout (see step 5 on page 20).
However, you cannot zoom in and out by sliding your
fingers on the screen.
need to press hard on the screen.
to view the keyboard. To use numbers or other char-
acters on the keyboard, touch the ?123 button. To
view more characters, touch the Alt button. Touch the
Alt button again to return to the number keyboard. To
return to the letter keyboard, touch the ABC button.
To use a capital character, touch the button with an
upward-facing arrow. To use multiple capital charac-
ters, touch the arrow button again. To return to the
lowercase keyboard, touch the arrow button a third
time. To clear the last character, touch the button
with a backward-facing arrow and an X.
console shown to navi-
gate the tablet. Press the
Back button to return
to the previous screen.
Press the Home button to
return to the main menu.
Note: The center button
does not function.
Clip Back
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