Before using the treadmill for the first time, set up the
1. Connect to your wireless network.
Note: In order to access the Internet, download iFit
Live workouts, and use other features of the con-
sole, you must be connected to a wireless network.
MODE on page 27 to connect the console to your
wireless network.
2. Check for firmware updates.
First, see step 1 on page 25 and step 2 on page 26
and select the maintenance mode. Then, see step
3 on page 26 and check for firmware updates.
3. Calibrate the incline system.
See step 4 on page 26 and calibrate the incline
system of the treadmill (unless you already did so
during assembly).
4. Create an iFit Live account.
Touch the globe button near the lower-left corner of
the screen and touch the iFit Live button.
Note: For information about navigating in the
browser, see page 28. The browser will open to the
iFit.com home page. Touch the Register button in
the upper-right corner of the screen.
The browser will open to the iFit.com registration
page. Touch an entry box to view the keyboard.
Slide your finger up or down the screen to scroll up
or down the page.
Next, enter a username and password and your
e-mail address. Enter the activation code from the
iFit Live flier that came with the treadmill. Touch
the Place of Purchase drop-down menu for a list of
options; then, touch the location where you pur-
chased your product. Touch the words MEDICAL
DISCLAIMER, read the medical disclaimer,
touch the I Accept button, and check the medi-
cal disclaimer checkbox. Then, touch the Confirm
Activation Code button.
Enter the requested personal information. When
you have entered all of the information, touch the
Finish button. Then, touch the Home button on the
console to exit the browser.
The console is now ready for you to begin working out.
The following pages explain the various workouts and
other features that the console offers.
To use the manual mode, see page 20. To use an
onboard workout, see page 22. To use a set-a-goal
workout, see page 23. To use an iFit Live workout,
see page 24.
To use the equipment settings mode, see page 25.
To use the maintenance mode, see page 26. To use
the wireless network mode, see page 27. To use
the stereo sound system, see page 28. To use the
cool-down mode, see page 28. To use the Internet
browser, see page 28.
IMPORTANT: If there are sheets of plastic on the
console, remove the plastic. To prevent damage
to the walking platform, wear clean athletic shoes
while using the treadmill. The first time you use
the treadmill, observe the alignment of the walking
belt, and center the walking belt if necessary (see
page 32).
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