1. Insert the key into the console.
18. Note: It may take a minute for the console to
be ready for use.
2. Select the main menu.
When you turn
on the power,
the main menu
should appear
after the
console boots
up. Touch the
home button in
the lower-left
corner of the screen (not shown here) to return to
the main menu at any time.
3. Start the walking belt and adjust the speed.
Touch the Start button on the screen or press the
Start button on the console to start the walking
belt. You can also press the Manual button on the
console, and then touch the Resume button on the
screen. The walking belt will begin to move at 1
As you exercise, change the speed of the walking
belt as desired by pressing the Speed increase and
decrease buttons. Each time you press one of the
buttons, the speed setting will change by 0.1 mph;
if you hold down the button, the speed setting will
change in increments of 0.5 mph.
If you press one of the numbered Quick Speed but-
tons, the walking belt will gradually change speed
until it reaches the selected speed setting.
To select a speed setting that includes a decimal—
such as 3.5 mph—press two numbered buttons in
succession. For example, to select a speed setting
of 3.5 mph, press the 3 button and then immedi-
ately press the 5 button. Note: This will not function
if the console is set to metric units.
To stop the walking belt, press the Stop button. To
restart the walking belt, press the Start button.
4. Change the incline of the treadmill as desired.
To change the incline of the treadmill, press the
Incline/Decline increase and decrease buttons or
one of the numbered Quick Incline/Decline buttons.
Each time you press one of the buttons, the incline
will gradually change until it reaches the selected
incline setting.
Note: The first time you adjust the incline, you must
first calibrate the incline system (see step 4 on
page 26).
5. Monitor your progress.
The console
offers sev-
eral display
modes. The
display mode
that you select
will determine
which workout
information is shown. To select the desired display
mode, simply flick or slide the screen. You can also
view additional information by touching the red
boxes on the screen.
As you walk or run on the treadmill, the screen can
show the following workout information:
 •Theinclinelevelofthetreadmill
 •Thetimeelapsed
• Thetimeleft(Note:Themanualmodedoesnot
have a time left countdown.)
 •Theapproximatenumberofcaloriesyouhave
• Theapproximatenumberofcaloriesyouare
burning per hour
• Thedistancethatyouhavewalkedorrun
• Thenumberofverticalfeetyouhaveclimbed
• Thespeedofthewalkingbelt
• Atrackrepresenting1/4mile(400m)
 •Yourpaceinminutespermile
• Yourcurrentlapnumber
• Yourheartrate(seestep6)
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