Note: To use an iFit Live workout, you must have
access to a wireless network (see HOW TO USE THE
WIRELESS NETWORK MODE on page 27). An iFit
Live account is also required.
1. Insert the key into the console.
page 18.
2. Select the main menu.
See step 2 on page 20.
3. Log in to your iFit Live account.
If you have not already done so, touch the Login
button to log in to your iFit Live account. The
screen will ask for your iFit.com username and
password. Enter them and touch the Login button.
Touch the Cancel button to exit the login screen.
4. Select an iFit Live workout.
To download
an iFit Live
workout in
your schedule,
touch the Map,
Train, Video,
or Lose Weight
button to
download the
next workout of that type in your schedule. Note:
You may be able to access demo workouts through
these options, even if you do not log in to an iFit
Live account.
To compete in a race that you have previously
scheduled, touch the Compete button. To view your
Workout History, touch the Track button. To use a
set-a-goal workout, touch the Set A Goal button
(see page 23). Note: You can also press one of the
iFit Live buttons on the console.
To switch users within the account, touch the user
button near the lower right corner of the screen.
Before some workouts will download, you must add
them to your schedule on iFit.com.
For more information about the iFit Live work-
outs, please see www.iFit.com.
When you select an iFit Live workout, the screen
will show the name, duration, and distance of the
workout. The screen will also show the approxi-
mate number of calories you will burn during the
workout. If you select a competition workout, the
display will count down to the beginning of the
5. Start the workout.
See step 3 on page 22.
During some workouts, the voice of a personal
trainer will guide you through your workout.
6. Monitor your progress.
See step 5 on page 20. The screen may also show
a map of the trail you are walking or running.
During a competition workout, the screen will show
the speeds of the runners and the distances they
have run. The screen will also show the numbers of
seconds that the other runners are ahead of you or
behind you.
7. Measure your heart rate if desired.
See step 6 on page 21.
8. Turn on the fan if desired.
See step 7 on page 21.
9. When you are finished exercising, remove the
key from the console.
See step 8 on page 21.
For more information about the iFit Live mode, go
to www.iFit.com.
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