The console features a maintenance mode that allows
you to update the console firmware, calibrate the
incline of the treadmill, calibrate the screen, view tech-
nical information, and view a button’s keycode.
1. Select the settings main menu.
See step 1 on page 25.
2. Select the maintenance mode.
In the settings
main menu,
touch the
button to enter
the mainte-
nance mode.
The mainte-
nance mode main screen will show information
about the model and version of the treadmill.
3. Update the console firmware.
For the best results, regularly check for firm-
ware updates.
Touch the Firmware Update button to check for
firmware updates using your wireless network. The
update will begin automatically.
To avoid damaging the treadmill, do not turn off
the power or remove the key while the firmware
is being updated.
Note: Occasionally, a firmware update may cause
your console to function slightly differently. These
updates are always designed to improve your exer-
cise experience.
Note: If you cannot update the console firmware
over your wireless network, you can update the
firmware using a USB drive. Go to www.iFit.com
and download the latest firmware update onto your
USB drive. Safely remove the USB drive from your
computer and plug it into the USB port on the side
of the console. The update should begin
The screen will show the progress of the update.
When the update is complete, the treadmill will turn
off and then turn back on. If it does not, press the
power switch into the off position. Wait for several
seconds, and then press the power switch into the
reset position. Note: It may take a few minutes for
the console to be ready for use.
4. Calibrate the incline system of the treadmill.
Touch the Calibrate Incline button. Then, touch the
Begin button to calibrate the incline system. The
treadmill will automatically rise to the maximum
incline level, lower to the minimum incline level,
and then return to the starting position. This will
calibrate the incline system. Press the Cancel but-
ton to return to the maintenance mode. When the
incline system is calibrated, touch the Finish
IMPORTANT: Keep pets, feet, and other objects
away from the treadmill while the incline sys-
tem is calibrating. In an emergency, pull the key
from the console to stop the incline
5. View machine information.
Touch the Machine Info button to view information
about your treadmill. After you view the information,
touch the back button on the screen.
6. Find keycodes.
The Keycodes button is intended to be used by
service technicians to identify whether a certain
button is working correctly.
7. Exit the maintenance mode.
To exit the maintenance mode, press the back but-
ton on the console.
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