4. Troubleshooting and Maintenance
The irregular heartbeat symbol ( ) may also be displayed with error messages.
Cuff is under inflated. Carefully read and repeat the steps listed under
section 3.3.
Movement during measurement.
Repeat measurement. Remain still and do not
talk during measurement.
Refer to section 3.3.
Air plug disconnected. Insert the air plug securely.
Refer to section 3.1.
Arm cuff not applied correctly. Apply the arm cuff correctly.
Refer to section 3.1.
Clothing is interfering with the arm cuff. Remove any clothing interfering with the arm cuff.
Refer to section 3.1.
Air is leaking from the arm cuff. Replace cuff with new one.
Refer to Chapter 5.
The arm cuff was inflated above 299
mmHg when inflating the cuff manually.
Do not inflate the arm cuff above 299 mmHg.
Refer to section 3.3.
Device error. Contact your OMRON retail outlet or distributor.
Error Display Cause Remedy
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