3. Using the Unit
Applying the Arm Cuff
Remove tight-fitting clothing or tight rolled up sleeve from your upper arm.
Do not place the cuff over thick clothes.
1. Insert the air plug into the air jack.
2. Put your arm through the cuff loop.
3. Position the arm correctly.
The bottom edge of the cuff should be 1 to 2 cm above the elbow. Marker (arrow
under tube) is centred on the middle of your inner arm. Close the fabric fastener FIRMLY.
When you take a measurement on the right arm, air tube will be at the side of your elbow. Be careful not
to rest your arm on the air tube. ---
The blood pressure can differ between the right arm and the left arm, and therefore also the measured
blood pressure values can be different. Omron recommends to always use the same arm for
measurement. If the values between the two arms differ substantially, please check with your physician
which arm to use for your measurement.
Open both the front and rear covers to read following:
The alphabet and number in the cover page correspond to those in the body page.
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