3. Using the Unit
How to Sit Correctly
To take a measurement, you need to be relaxed and comfortably seated, under
comfortable room temperature. No eating, smoking or exercising 30 minutes before
taking a measurement.
Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor.
Sit upright with your back straight. ---
The cuff should be at the same level as your heart. ---
Cuff wrapping guide
The Cuff Wrapping Guide is a unique feature that indicates if the cuff is not wrapped tightly enough around
the arm. Even when the is displayed, a blood pressure reading will be taken.
This reading is NOT reliable due to the incorrect wrapping of the cuff. Please wrap the cuff again, taking
care to wrap it correctly and take the measurement again.
When the is displayed, the cuff is correctly wrapped tightly enough on the arm and the reading is
accurate and reliable.
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