If desired, adjust the volume by pressing the Vol
increase and decrease buttons on the
To pause the workout, touch one of the menu but-
tons or press the Stop button on the console. To
continue the workout, touch the Resume button or
the Start button. To end the workout session, touch
the End Workout button.
6. Measure your heart rate if desired.
Note: If you use the handgrip heart rate moni-
tor and the chest heart rate monitor at the same
time, the console will not display your heart
rate accurately. For information about the chest
heart rate monitor, see page 15.
Before using the handgrip heart rate monitor,
remove the sheets of plastic from the metal con-
tacts. In addition, make sure that your hands are
To measure
your heart rate,
stand on the
foot rails and
hold the contacts
with your palms
for approximately
ten seconds;
avoid moving
your hands.
When your pulse
is detected, your
heart rate will be shown. For the most accurate
heart rate reading, continue to hold the con-
tacts for about 15 seconds.
7. Turn on the fan if desired.
The fan features multiple speed settings and an
auto mode. When the auto mode is selected,
the speed of the fan will automatically increase
and decrease as the speed of the walking belt
increases and decreases.
Press the Fan increase button to increase the fan
speed. Note: If you press the Fan increase button
once while the fan is on its maximum speed set-
ting, the auto fan mode will be selected. Press the
Fan decrease button repeatedly to decrease the
fan speed or to turn off the fan.
 
key from the console.
Step onto the walking platform and touch the home
button or the back button on the screen or press
the Stop button on the console. A workout sum-
mary will appear on the screen. After you view
the workout summary, touch the Finish button to
return to the main menu. You may also be able to
either save or publish your results using one of the
options on the screen. Then, remove the key from
the console and put it in a secure place.
 
the power switch into the off position and unplug
the power cord. IMPORTANT: If you do not do
this, the treadmill’s electrical components may
wear prematurely.
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