The console features an equipment settings mode
that allows you to select a language and the unit of
measurement, to turn on and turn off the display demo
mode, and to enable or disable the key.
1. Select the settings main menu.
Insert the key into the
console (see HOW
POWER on page 18).
Next, select the main
menu (see step 2 on
page 20). Then, touch
the gears button near the lower right corner of the
screen to select the settings main menu.
2. Select the equipment settings mode.
In the settings main menu, touch the Equipment
Settings button.
3. Select a language.
To select a language, touch the Language button
and select the desired language. Then, touch the
back button on the screen to return to the equip-
ment settings mode. Note: This feature may not be
4. Select the unit of measurement.
Touch the US/Metric button to view the selected
unit of measurement. Change the unit of measure-
ment, if desired. Then, touch the back button on
the screen.
5. Turn on or turn off the display demo mode.
The console features a display demo mode,
designed to be used if the treadmill is displayed
in a store. While the demo mode is turned on, the
console will function normally when you plug in
the power cord, press the power switch into the
reset position, and insert the key into the console.
However, when you remove the key, the screen will
show a demo presentation.
 
touch the Demo Mode button. Next, touch the On
checkbox or the Off checkbox. Then, touch the
back button on the screen.
6. Enable or disable the key.
Note: This feature may not be enabled on your
You can disable the key so that the treadmill does
not require the use of the key if desired. Touch the
Safety Key button. To disable the key, touch the
Disable checkbox. CAUTION: Read the safety
warning on the screen before disabling the
key. To enable the key again, touch the Enable
7. Enable or disable a passcode.
The console features a child safety passcode,
designed to prevent unauthorized users from using
the treadmill.
Touch the Passcode button. To enable a pass-
code, touch the Enable checkbox. Then, enter a
4-digit passcode of your choice. Touch Save to use
this passcode. Touch Cancel to return to the equip-
ment settings mode and not use a passcode. To
disable the passcode, touch the Disable checkbox.
Note: If a passcode is enabled, the console will
regularly ask for you to enter the passcode. The
console will remain locked until the correct pass-
code is entered. IMPORTANT: If you forget your
passcode, enter the following master passcode
to unlock the console: 1985.
8. Exit the equipment settings mode.
To exit the equipment settings mode, touch the
back button on the screen.
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