To pause the console, stop pedaling. When
the console is paused, the displays will pause.
To continue your workout, simply resume
To reset the displays to zero, press the On/Reset
Note: The console can show pedaling speed and
distance in either miles or kilometers. To change
the unit of measurement, see THE SETTINGS
MODE on page 23.
5. Measure your heart rate if desired.
You can measure your heart rate using either
the handgrip heart rate monitor or a compatible
heart rate monitor. For information about pur-
chasing an optional chest heart rate monitor,
see page 22.
The console is compatible with all BLUETOOTH®
Smart heart rate monitors. To connect your heart
rate monitor to the console, see page 22.
Note: If you use both heart rate monitors at the
same time, the BLUETOOTH Smart heart rate
monitor will have priority.
If there are sheets of
plastic on the metal
contacts on the hand-
grip heart rate monitor,
remove the plastic. In
addition, make sure
that your hands are
clean. To measure
your heart rate, hold
the handgrip heart rate
monitor with your palms
resting against the contacts. Avoid moving your
hands or gripping the contacts tightly.
When your pulse is detected, your heart rate will be
shown in the upper display. For the most accurate
heart rate reading, hold the contacts for at least
15 seconds.
If your heart rate is not shown, make sure that your
hands are positioned as described. Be careful not
to move your hands excessively or to squeeze the
contacts tightly. For optimal performance, clean
the contacts using a soft cloth; never use alcohol,
abrasives, or chemicals to clean the contacts.
6. When you are finished exercising, the console
will turn off automatically.
If the pedals do not move for several seconds, a
series of tones will sound, the console will pause,
and displays will pause.
If the pedals do not move for several minutes, the
console will turn off and the displays will be reset.
To play music or audio books through the console
sound system while you exercise, plug a 3.5 mm male
to 3.5 mm male audio cable (not included) into the
jack on the console and into a jack on your personal
audio player; make sure that the audio cable is fully
plugged in. Note: To purchase an audio cable, see
your local electronics store.
Next, press the play button on
your personal audio player.
Adjust the volume level using the
volume increase and decrease
buttons on the console or the
volume control on your personal audio player.
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