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Increase your Dyson 2 year guarantee cover to 5 years when you purchase an extended guarantee from Dyson (Australia only). This option is just AU$75.00. Dyson is committed to providing the best
Aftersales Service, which is why we offer the option to extend your Dyson 2 year guarantee to 5 years. The terms of the Dyson 2 year guarantee on page 8 of this Dyson Operating Manual will apply
to the Dyson extended guarantee. The Dyson extended guarantee is underwritten by Dyson Appliances (Aust) Pty Ltd. To purchase, just complete the fields below. Send both sections to us, together with
your cheque/money order or credit card details, within 2 years of your appliance purchase. Offer to purchase the Dyson extended guarantee is only available within 2 years of customers purchasing their
appliance. Offer not available to customers who have purchased an extended warranty from a retailer. The Dyson extended guarantee provides benefits which are additional to, and do not affect, your
statutory rights and remedies as a consumer. If you decide not to extend your Dyson 2 year guarantee, you may have statutory rights and remedies available to you as a consumer.
2 year guarantee – plus option to extend to 5 years.
I hereby apply for the Dyson appliance extended guarantee in accordance with the terms and conditions of your plan. I confirm the appliance is in good
working order and used for domestic puposes only and declare that the details on this proposal are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and
Signature Date WARNING Any false statement may
render this plan invalid
Section 2: Dyson 2+3 year guarantee
Visit our website to register your
Dyson full parts and labour
guarantee online (Australia
and New Zealand only).
AU: www.dyson.com.au/register
NZ: www.dyson.co.nz/register
Serial number
Please complete Section 1 to register as a Dyson appliance owner, and return it in the envelope provided. Alternatively, register online (Australia and New Zealand only).
Section 1: Dyson 2 year guarantee
Date of purchase / / Country of purchase AU NZ SG ID
Store of purchase
Yes No
1 year 2 years 3 years
Did you purchase an extended warranty from the retailer?
If yes, for what additional period?
Title First name Surname
email Contact number
Privacy Act
Dyson may use this information for future marketing and research purposes (including sending commercial electronic messages) and may disclose
it to third parties for the purposes of providing the services you have requested or to our business partners or professional advisers. If you wish to
access your personal information or see our full privacy policy, please contact us at customercare@dyson.com.au
If you do not wish to receive marketing information by these methods from Dyson please tick this box.
Expiry Date M/M Y/Y
/ /
Complete and return
the form to Dyson in the
envelope supplied.
AU 1800 239 766
NZ 0800 397 667
SG 7000 435 7546
ID 021 707 39766
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