Stand vacuum cleaner up straight, insert wand into hose and push into place until it clicks.
Attach tools to the side of the machine.
Using your Dyson
Press foot pedal and recline handle to use. The stabilizer stand will automatically lift up.
into an upright position and stabilizer wheels will automatically drop. Use the cyclone carry handle
to carry the machine.
(i) If the vacuum cleaner is not functioning properly, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors,
(ii) Do not allow the vacuum cleaner to be used by anyone who may not be able to operate it safely.
(iii) The use of an extension cord is not recommended.
(iv) Always switch off and unplug before performing maintenance on your appliance.
(v) When returning to the upright position, ensure that the stabilizer wheels are fully engaged before
releasing the cleaner.
(vi) Ensure the cyclone is secured to the machine. Do not press the cyclone release button or shake
the appliance while carrying or it could fall and cause injury.
(vii) Store the machine indoors. Put the vacuum cleaner away after use with the cable coiled safely,
to prevent tripping hazards.
(viii) Do not use your vacuum cleaner outdoors or on wet surfaces. Vacuum may be used inside a
garage only when used with the Model 08909 Dyson Car Cleaning Kit accessories. If used in a
garage, care should be taken to wipe the soleplate and wheels with a dry cloth after vacuuming
(ix) Do not
(x) Check to ensure your electricity supply corresponds to that shown on the rating plate, which can
be found behind the clear bin.
TM The machine must only be used as rated.
(xi) Do not
lubricate any parts, or carry out any maintenance or repair work other than that shown
in this manual, or advised by the Dyson Helpline.
Please note:
be vacuumed in very small amounts.
Do not use the machine to pick up sharp hard objects, small toys, pins, paper clips, etc. They may
damage the machine.
TM or wand.
These are entirely harmless and are not associated with the electricity supply. To minimize any effect
from this, do not
it and rinsed it out with cold water.
Hard loors or carpets
The brushbar will always default to ‘ON’ (spinning) each time you switch on the machine and recline
it for cleaning. The brushbar will automatically stop if it becomes obstructed. If the brushbar stops
during use, please refer to the ‘Clearing brushbar obstructions’ section.
Using the tools – High-reach cleaning
(i) Switch ‘OFF’ machine before changing tools.
(ii) Powerful suction can cause the hose to ‘pull back’ - please take care.
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